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Stress Relief/Coping Assistance/Trauma Therapy/Relationship Balance/Pain Management/Fears and Phobias/Positive Reinforcement/Dream Therapy/Spiritual Imagery/Past Life Regression


Stress Relief

With the fast-paced world we live in and the day to day responsibilities we face, stress can weigh on our minds and bodies making it difficult to manage our lives. This journey will use a stress-relieving hypnotic tool as well as subconscious suggestions for continued peace and balance during even our most difficult times. 

Coping Assistance

The way we respond to events in our life is based on both the examples of coping we witnessed in our youth as well as our own development of response patterns.In this journey, we create a deep relaxation that takes you through an effective imagery process to seek the peace inside that will see you through any storm. 

Trauma Therapy

Abuse and Trauma are life-altering experiences - but they don't have to define you or break you. The events harm us in the moment, but we can stop the aftershock of the pain.Through an intense hypnosis plan, we go deep into the subconscious mind to unlock the negative associations and release them out of the body and mind. We can never forget what has been done, but we can stop it from continuing to cause pain that has prevented you from living your life to its fullest. 

Relationship Balance

Having a relationship with another person teaches a lot about commitment, compromise, and care. They are not always easy, though they are great experiences to have in life that enrich us in many ways. Ironically, we often attract our opposite, which can cause difficulty, misunderstanding, and unhealthy patterns in relationships if not recognized.We will begin the session with an education on the Physical and the Emotional person in relationships - helping you to understand which you and your partner are and what this means about your relationship. Through hypnosis we can bring you to a more balanced P or E ... which will help you to have more balanced relationships. 

Pain Management

Pain in the body can be momentary or chronic and can affect us for many reasons. Some pain is caused by an event or trauma to the body, while other pain is what is referred to as a Body Syndrome - a physical ailment developed from emotional stress.In this journey, we will use a special body numbing technique that will allow the subconscious mind to remove the sensation of pain in the body by half or more.

Fears and Phobias

When we experience something in a negative way, we often create subconsious associations that develop into fears and phobias. These can keep us from experiencing life to its fullest.This journey will take you deep into your subconscious mind where those fears and phobias were first realized. Imagery and subconsious re-programming will be effective in eliminating these fears.

Positive Reinforcement

Sometimes all we need is some extra reinforcement of the things that we want to see happen for ourselves. We know what we want, but Homeostasis - the desire to experience familiar things - will often sabotage the changes we truly desire.This journey will allow the changes you desire to manifest as we create a script together that will reinforce those positive desires into the subconscious mind. These deep suggestions for change WILL manifest in your life now that you are ready.

Dream Therapy

Dreams are vital to our mental, physical, and emotional health and are beneficial in venting out our unresolved issues. They can unlock deep-seeded feelings, fears and desires and can help us solve problems. In this fascinating journey, we open the subconscious to invite back the details of past dreams, analyzing them in a waking state and reinforcing a dream monitoring plan for the following weeks.

Spiritual Imagery

Perhaps the biggest difference you might find between traditional therapy and hypnotherapy is that as a Hypnotherapist, my role is not to give you advice for your life. But instead to guide you to it. In this most popular journey, I take you to the only place advice is given freely-  and that is the advise given from the Divine -  your Spirit Guides. 

Past Life Regression

If your belief system is open to the idea that you have lived lives prior to this one, than this is a journey that could help answer questions about why you are experiencing certain patterns, people, phobias, or behaviors in this life. On this powerful journey, I guide you back to a past life memory through deep relaxation and intense hypnotic induction.

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