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Take Control 









It has taken us a long time to remember what we knew in ancient times; we are not machines, but instead finely-tuned beings of both material and spiritual elements.  



Through powerful subconscious awareness, hypnosis allows us to focus on the importance of health in the body, mind, and Spirit - our entire being. 




Hypnosis is a natural and highly-effective tool to gain control in your life - losing control is never part of the process, contrary to belief.



Pain Management, Stress Relief, Coping Mechanisms, and Positive Reinforcement are just some of the ways hypnosis can be used to help you live your best life.




"The only true journey is the journey within." Rainer Maria Rilke 



"Jayni gently and skillfully helped me find the courage to face intense grief and begin the journey of building a different phase of my life after my wife passed away from lung cancer. Her style and way of being has for me been critical in creating a safe, professional, yet deeply personal therapeutic relationship through which so much self discovery and emotional healing has been made possible. I admire and appreciate how she can be overtly prescriptive at times while at other times perceptively senses delicate territories I need to explore only when I am ready. For all this to happen has required much trust on my part in knowing that I am being guided and supported wisely, safely and sensitively by an experienced, warm, deeply caring, empathic woman. Jayni is a person of great integrity, much compassion, wide experience and well grounded understanding of diverse issues. I would confidently recommend her as a highly competent therapist whose skills and expertise work extremely well in the online domain." - Tony (New Zealand)

"Jayni is kind, caring, compassionate, and empathetic.  She truly listens and has been incredibly supportive throughout my journey. The live video-chat hypnotic sessions and custom audio recordings have helped me better manage my anxiety and have greatly improved my life.  I would highly recommend Jayni’s services to anyone."

Becky (Michigan, USA)

"I found Jayni's practice on YouTube and after listening to her sessions, I realized that she was sincere and a skilled professional. I began working one on one with her to release the negative self-talk that I had deeply conditioned in my mind. First, I ordered a custom audio recording, and have since experienced live sessions over the last year. Together, Jayni helped me turn the negative messaging around, and I feel that I am a whole new "Me". Jayni is the real deal." - Gus (Canada)

"I stumbled across Jayni's website when I decided to gift myself a birthday hypnotherapy session for relaxation.  I was expecting just an ultra-relaxing "nap" really, but once I started communicating with Jayni, I realized her capacity extends well beyond just relaxation. I bought the 3-session live session deal, which starts off with 20-30 minutes of therapeutic chat where Jayni has an incredible ability to seek out what is most causing me stress and anxiety. She almost immediately grasps the issue at hand and then guides me into 15-20 of hypnotherapy to help me alleviate the issues at hand. It was all such a neat experience, not to mention a great gift to ones self. In fact, I have just placed an order for a second 3-session deal." - Dana (Dominican Republic)

"I never thought hypnosis could be beneficial, much less therapeutic, until I listened to a couple of Jayni's sessions on YouTube. I needed a measure of rest and relaxation in the midst of my stressful career, and so ordering a few custom audio recordings that I could relax to at the end of a long day was the perfect choice for me. Jayni has supported me by helping me with self forgiveness as well, which in turn gives me a deeper sleep each night. There has been a delicate balance as she had guided me to make positive and practical changes in my life. Jayni's voice and skillset has impacted my life in such wonderful ways - even my family and patients have noticed positive changes in me. I can't thank Jayni enough.

- David (Washington State, USA)


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