Hypnosis is a natural and highly effective tool to gain control in your life - losing control is never part of the process, contrary to belief.


Pain Management, Stress Relief, Coping Mechanisms, and Positive Reinforcement are just some of the ways hypnosis can be used to help you live your best life.


It's taken us a long time to remember what we knew in ancient times; we are not machines, but instead finely tuned beings of both material and spiritual elements.  


Through powerful subconscious awareness, hypnosis allows us to focus on the importance of health in the body, mind, and Spirit - our entire being. 



Take Control 






"The only true journey is the journey within." M. Rilke Rainer 



"I came to Jayni not knowing what to expect and very cuious about Hypnotherapy. My first session was astonishing and I felt an undescribable feeling of relief and peace, with a new clarity about my life. Days after my first session, I was handling problems in a calm and rational way - completely different than before! I can't wait to see how hypnosis continues to help me improve myself."


Astrid, Los Angeles CA

"I have had three remarkable sessions with Jayni, which have each played a highly instrumental role in dealing with my grief in the passing of a loved one. They have also given me a whole new prospective on myself and life! I highly recommend taking this amazing opportunity with her. It really is a gift. 


Lauren, Los Angeles CA

"In the past I leaned towards the skeptical side of hypnosis, however after meeting with Jayni I noticed that I am clearer in thought and have experienced positive changes. Jayni really listens to you and in return guides you in the most calm and professional manner. I would defintely suggest you take a "Journey with Jayni" to see for yourself!"


Robert , Los Angeles CA