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"I found Jayni on Youtube. I was struggling with a lot of things in my life, especially from my past, that I knew I needed help with. I decided to contact her and booked a live session. And I'm glad I did. She made me feel at ease very quickly. She gave me a safe space where I could share my thoughts and feelings and where I could truly be myself. Talking about hard things with someone who truly understands what you are talking about, from experience and not just academic knowledge, makes all the difference. Jayni has supported and continues to support me in a kind, gentle and caring way. Over the past year a lot of things in my life have shifted, for the better." - BD, Netherlands 


"The biggest step I've ever taken was reaching out for Jayni’s help. From day one I have been amazed at how this wonderful person has managed to gently ease my mind, reach into my most loneliest thoughts and brighten them with her constant light. Jayni is a professional and highly trustworthy person. I can personally and honestly recommend any of Jayni’s services to anybody who is contemplating making contact with her. I cannot thank Jayni enough for the precious gift of her valuable time, her genuine care and remarkable consistent support along my journey. I did not have a safe and confidential space until Jayni gave me it." - CB, Whales


"I have had several sessions with Jayni. I find it hard to really trust anyone, but she is really genuine , compassionate and gifted. Her personalized tapes help unlock me out of my persistent anxiety and negative thoughts. I will truly forever hold a special place in my heart for her." - JB, Wisconsin


"I came to Jayni with physical ailments that medical professionals could not explain. Through working with Jayni, I no longer am afflicted with these ailments. Stress and tension caused by childhood trauma was the root cause.  Jayni and I have been on this Journey for over a year now and I am currently working towards a better version of myself. With Jayni’s skillful, nurturing and compassionate guidance, I see so many positive changes in my life. My journey continues with Jayni still and I can't stress enough what her soothing voice, her gentle demeanor and her positive energy does for one’s soul. I have the upmost respect for Jayni, and I appreciate all that she is and all that she does. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is in need of professional guidance and support from a gentle soul." - CT, Canada


"I started my Journey with Jayni to conquer my emotional eating. Not quite realizing at the time that it would lead to me Healing in so many other ways. Jayni has helped me become a better and healthier version of myself and I continue to evolve into a better and healthier version of me constantly. Jayni is very professional in a caring way. She has very open and direct communication. I highly recommend her audio recordings and one on one sessions. She may be able to help you on your own journey as she continues to help me on my journey." - HL, Florida 

"From the beginning of our connection Jayni knew I was needing much support and emotional healing as I experienced the acute grief of losing my wife, relocating from the home we had lived in and moving to another city, along with the accumulated stress that had built up from nursing and supporting her through her year long battle with lung cancer. Regarding Jayni as a therapist I have nothing but unqualified praise and acknowledgment of her considerable skills, knowledge, expertise, compassion, empathy, understanding and kindest support. She is a most caring woman who always creates a safe, deeply respectful and comforting space that makes it possible for me to explore, make sense of, and heal complex and delicate damaged aspects of my human experience." - TM, New Zealand 

"Jayni’s empathetic approach to therapy has been such a healing force throughout my mental health journey. Her compassion helped me open up where I’ve had difficulty doing so in the past, and her hypnotherapy sessions have helped calm my anxiety. I cannot recommend her enough, and I often do.”
- HF, California 


"Working with Jayni has been life changing. Jayni has gone above and beyond to provide a safe, non-judgmental space where I feel seen and heard. She listens compassionately and provides gentle guidance when needed. I would highly commend any of Jayni’s services." - BV, Florida 


"Jayni has been an incredible guiding light throughout my healing journey with her boundless kindness, empathy, insight, and sincerity. I was in a bad place when I first reached out to her, and now two years later I have taken leaps and bounds I never thought possible. She has truly helped me to not only understand and cope with significant trauma, but provided invaluable tools that have allowed me to take an active and conscious part in my own healing. Because of Jayni’s support, I am a much braver, more confident, and conscientious person, and I could not recommend her services enough." - AN, California 


"I have been working with Jayni on and off for over 5 years and found her when I was making a big leap into the unknown, starting an engineering degree in my 50's and felt physical anxiety related to pursuing this lifelong dream. So if you feel useless and broken, you are not those things! Jayni helped me realize that and these thoughts are wrong and not who I really am. She can help you too. She helped me untangle the messages I learned growing up and inherited, and helped me find my courage." - GG, Canada 

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