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Hypnosis Works


Stress Relief/Coping Assistance/Trauma Therapy/Relationship Balance/Pain Management/Fears and Phobias/Positive Reinforcement/Dream Therapy/Spiritual Imagery/Past Life Regression


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Hypnosis has been used for ages to create positive and significant changes in a person's life. From negative associations to physical aches and pains, hypnosis is a proven modality to effect positive change that is safe, enjoyable, and natural for the human body and mind. 
Contrary to common belief, you will remain in control of yourself and your body during this experience. Hypnotherapy enables you to gain back control in the ways you have the power to do. This therapeutic journey will heighten your awareness, often creating the feeling of being more "awake" than ever before. It is through this suggestible state of awareness that you will have the opportunity to re-write the messages you receive from your subconscious realm, elevating you to a healthier mind, body, and Spirit. 
During your journey into hypnosis, the conscious mind is quieted while the body is in an awakened state, creating a direct path of communication to the powerful subconscious mind where the root of all desired and undesired associations lie. Together, we then create a customized hypnotic journey that will enforce lasting changes you desire for a better, healthier, happier life. 



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