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Certified Hypnotherapist

HMI College of Hypnotherapy (Tarzana, CA)

My life has challenged me with unique trials and tribulations which have strengthened my ability to empathize and understand the journey many go through when dealing with abuse, trauma, and difficult circumstances. This connectivity to others with similar histories allows me to offer my support in a tender, careful, and caring way that only someone who has had similar experiences could do. As both a human being and a trauma survivor, the trials of your life could never be foreign to me. 

In large part because of my past, I knew that I wanted to support others in a significant way,  so becoming an emotional support therapist seemed a natural choice for me. However, I wanted to dive deeper into the root of unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and discover ways to heal emotional wounds by working from the depth of the subconscious mind. A native of San Diego, CA, I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and began studying the powerful modality of Clinical Hypnotherapy. 


I am a graduate of HMI College of Hypnotherapy, one of the only accredited colleges in the nation for the study of Hypnosis. My education in the field of Hypnosis is the most intense program available in the United States, with over 1,500 hours of education designed by the late Dr. John Kappas (former husband of Florence Henderson, The Brady Bunch) who is a pioneer in the field of teaching and performing effective Hypnotherapy. 


Through the ever-growing community on my YouTube Channel, "Journey With Jayni Hypnotherapy", my reach is now worldwide - allowing me to provide remote services through phone and video-chat sessions to people all around the world. I also create custom audio recordings to support deeper sleep and provide powerful stress relief. The incredible truth about Hypnotherapy is that it is just as effective even if I am not in the same room (or even continent!) as you!

My goal is to provide a specialized therapy that will better your life and help you to create a path to your desired life experiences and outcomes. This therapeutic modality is effective as a short-term or long-term option. Some people choose a long-term weekly or bi-weekly self-care program, while others average 3-6 sessions to recalibrate mental perspectives, upgrade self-talk, refine goal-setting, and release of unhelpful patterns. The common outcome is a re-programming of your subconscious mind that becomes automatic and a way of [your new] life. I would love to support you in these significant, healing, and affirming ways!

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